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billet, extrusion

Metals; Aluminum

May be solid or hollow in form, commonly cylindrical, used as the final length of material charged into the extrusion press cylinder. It is usually a cast product, but may be a wrought product or ...

billet container

Metals; Aluminum

The part of an extrusion press into which the billet to be extruded is placed.


Metals; Aluminum

A piece of metal cut or formed to regular or irregular shape for subsequent processing such as by forming, bending, or drawing. The piece of sheet stock cut out by blanking die. It will subsequently ...


Metals; Aluminum

The machining of the transition in the bearing length from long to short.


Metals; Aluminum

A defect in the paint film appearing as bubbles, usually caused by the expansion of air, solvent vapor, or moisture trapped beneath the film.


Metals; Aluminum

A raised area on the surface of an extruded product due to subsurface gas expansion during extrusion or thermal treatment.

edge, broken (cracked)

Metals; Aluminum

Edge(s) containing crack, split, and/or tear which may be caused by an inability to deform without fracturing.

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