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drawn tube

Metals; Aluminum

A tube brought to final dimensions by drawing through a die.

butt-welded tube

Metals; Aluminum

A welded tube, the seam of which is formed by positioning one edge of the sheet against the other for welding.

stock tube

Metals; Aluminum

A semi-finished tube suitable for the production of drawn tube.


Metals; Aluminum

A hollow wrought product that is long in relation to its cross section, which is symmetrical and is round, a regular hexagon or octagon, elliptical, or square or rectangular with sharp or rounded ...

trim inclusion

Metals; Aluminum

Edge trimming accidentally wound into a roll of foil.

tread plate

Metals; Aluminum

Sheet or plate having a raised figured pattern on one surface to provide improved traction.

transverse weld

Metals; Aluminum

A condition existing within an extrusion which is created by the interface of two separate billets. In practice the interface is extruded at different rates through the die and is formed into a ...

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