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traffic mark

Metals; Aluminum

Abrasion which results from relative movement between contacting metal surfaces during handling and transit. A dark color from the abrasively produced aluminum oxide is usually observed. A mirror ...

torn surface

Metals; Aluminum

A deep longitudinal rub mark resulting from abrasion by extrusion or drawing tools.


Metals; Aluminum

The degree to which a substance is toxic, or poisonousness.


Metals; Aluminum

In a multi-coat system, the coat applied over a primer, usually the final coat applied.

tooling plate

Metals; Aluminum

A cast or rolled product of rectangular cross section of thickness 0. 250 inch or greater, and with edges either as-cast, sheared or sawed, with internal stress levels controlled to achieve maximum ...

tool rub

Metals; Aluminum

A surface area showing a scratch or abrasion resulting from contact of the hot extrusion with the press equipment or tooling or, in the case of multi-hole dies, with others sections as they exit the ...

tool deflection

Metals; Aluminum

The distortion, displacement or caving in the extrusion direction of the extrusion die or tool surface under extrusion pressure.

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