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tools or tooling

Metals; Aluminum

The parts of an extrusion press that are changed to produce a specific shape. Tools include dies and mandrels, and various supporting parts.

cave tongue

Metals; Aluminum

Distortion of the die tongue.

groove joint tongue

Metals; Aluminum

A joint in which one part has a groove which receives a projection (tongue) on the other part, shaped to fit snugly.


Metals; Aluminum

Press hydraulic pressure times cylinder area, expressed in U. S. Tons.


Metals; Aluminum

Allowable deviation from a nominal or specified dimension.


Metals; Aluminum

That portion of die cap metal surrounded by the aperture except at one end which is termed the base of the tongue.

extrusion die tongue

Metals; Aluminum

An area of a die surrounded on three sides by the extrusion aperture.

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