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Of or relating to any vehicle, usually designed to carry passengers, that operates on ordinary roads and typically has four wheels and a gasoline or diesel internal-combustion engine.

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clay model

Automotive; Automobile

When the design department is creating a new model, it will be built in clay to full size to determine its looks etc.

chassis bracket set

Automotive; Automobile

When the sill panel does not have a jointing flange, a set of securing pieces are welded under the sill before straightening a bent or damaged sill.

carbon knock

Automotive; Automobile

When there is a build-up of carbon in the combustion chamber, uncontrolled ignition will take place causing a knocking noise.

climbing ability

Automotive; Automobile

While some vehicles may have a high top end speed on a road with no incline, the real test of a vehicle in mountainous terrain is its ability to go up a hill at an adequate speed (i.e., its climbing ...

coalescing action

Automotive; Automobile

The process of smaller water droplets merging together into larger droplets which takes place in a water separator.

capillary action

Automotive; Automobile

The property of a liquid to move into small spaces if it has the ability to "wet" these surfaces.

camshaft pulley

Automotive; Automobile

The pulley on the end of the camshaft for the camshaft drive belt.

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