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Of or relating to any vehicle, usually designed to carry passengers, that operates on ordinary roads and typically has four wheels and a gasoline or diesel internal-combustion engine.

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clearance volume

Automotive; Automobile

The space above a piston when it is at the top dead center.

cargo area

Automotive; Automobile

The space within a station wagon or van for carrying goods or the bed of a pickup truck for carrying goods.

broken storage

Automotive; Automobile

The spaces between and around cargo packages, including dunnage, and spaces not usable because of structural interference.

clutch pedal free travel

Automotive; Automobile

The specified distance that the clutch pedal may be depressed before the throwout bearing actually contacts the clutch release fingers.

buff contour

Automotive; Automobile

The specked shape of a buffed retread tire.

camshaft sprocket

Automotive; Automobile

The sprocket on the camshaft which (through a chain) is driven by the camshaft drive sprocket.

coil ignition

Automotive; Automobile

The standard ignition system which uses an ignition coil which stores the power from the battery and steps it up. Then the high voltage is sent to the spark plugs.

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