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pinto bean

Food (other); Beans

An oval, beige-colored bean with tan splotched surface. Known as a southern staple, it is popular in Mexican dishes including chili, refried beans, rice and beans, soups and stews.

adzuki bean

Food (other); Beans

Native to China, the adzuki bean (Vigna angularis) is a small (1/4 inch long), reddish-brown, oval bean with a thin, white stripe on one side. It grows on a bush, rather than on a vine. The bean has ...

black-eyed pea

Food (other); Beans

Black eyed peas (Vigna unguiculata) are medium-sized (3/8 inch long), ivory-colored beans with a large black coloration or the “eye” on the inner curve of the beans. A cousin to the mung bean, Black ...

anasazi bean

Food (other); Beans

Native to New Mexico, these pretty reddish-brown beans with white zebra markings are popular in Southwestern recipes such as soups and refried beans. When cooked, the bean becomes light beige or pink ...


Food (other); Beans

A term describing the dry taste in the mouth left by teas high in unoxidized polyphenols.

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