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The ultimate gemstone and one of the most widely traded jewelry products worldwide.

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baguette shape

Jewelry; Diamond

A rectangular-shaped diamond with rows of step-like facets. If the baguette’s two long sides taper inward, it is called a Tapered baguette.


Jewelry; Diamond

The word finish is used to describe the exterior of the diamond. If a diamond is well polished, it has a very good finish.

radiant cut

Jewelry; Diamond

A rectangular or square shaped diamond with step-cut and scissor-cut on the crown and a brilliant-cut on the pavilion.


Jewelry; Diamond

The bottom point of the diamond. It may be polished in some stones. Please note that sometimes the cutter may choose to make the culet a surface instead of a point.

fancy shapes

Jewelry; Diamond

Any diamond shape other than round - e.g. marquise, square, emerald, oval, heart and pear.


Jewelry; Diamond

Liveliness, or sparkle in a stone when light is reflected from the surface and from the total internal reflection of light.


Jewelry; Diamond

When exposed to ultraviolet light, a diamond may exhibit a more whitish, yellowish or bluish tint, which may imply that the diamond has a property called fluorescence. The untrained eye can rarely ...

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