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Drug rehabilitation

The processes of medical and/or psychotherapeutic treatment for the dependency on alcohol or narcotic drugs.

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Drug rehabilitation


Health care; Drug rehabilitation

Strands of DNA that contain the blueprint of all the molecules that make up our bodies.

nicotine gum, nicotine patch

Health care; Drug rehabilitation

Two methods of delivering small amounts of nicotine into the bodies of people who are addicted to nicotine to help them quit smoking cigarettes by preventing nicotine withdrawal.

acute effects

Health care; Drug rehabilitation

The short-term effects of a drug. Acute effects are those that people feel shortly after they ingest a drug and are under its influence (e.g., while they are intoxicated).

localization of function

Health care; Drug rehabilitation

A principal of brain organization that states that specific places (circuits) in the brain carry out specific functions.

cerebral cortex

Health care; Drug rehabilitation

The large, deeply folded outer layers of the brain that make our heads so big. The cortex carries out complex perceptual, cognitive, and motor tasks.


Health care; Drug rehabilitation

A brain structure that lies between the brain stem and the cortex and acts as a relay to the cortex for almost all sensory inputs and other kinds of information.

drug treatment

Health care; Drug rehabilitation

A combination of detoxification, psychosocial therapy and, if required, skill acquisition to help people recover from addiction.

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