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Eastern philosophy

Terms that relate to the philosophy of South and East Asia.

Contributors in Eastern philosophy

Eastern philosophy

Sadr al-Din als Shirazi

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A late sixteenth- and early-seventeenth-century thinker who was influenced by the mystical tendencies in Neo-Platonism, sought a return to the first principle of being.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A philosophical tradition that began with Confucius in the sixth century B. C. And continues to the present day. Confucianism is a practical philosophy that hopes to establish a better world order by ...

Dogen Kigen

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A Japanese Zen monk, stressed the importance of acquiring the perspective of the universal Self, given the impermanence of life.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A ninth-century Islamic thinker, used Greek ideas to define God as an absolute and transcendent being.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A ninth-century Islamic philosopher, posited the philosopher-prophet as the one providing the necessary illumination for his society.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A late-fifteenth- and early-sixteenth-century Indian poet, was considered one of the great mystical poets in the tradition of Sufism.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A late eleventh-century and early-twelfth-century Islamic philosopher, attacked Avicenna regarding the eternity of the world and the reduction of religious law to a mere symbol of higher truths.

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