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Education & training

absolute nuisance

Business services; Education & training

Interference for which the defendant attracts absolute liability.

absolute performance standard

Business services; Education & training

In quality control, a standard (such as zero defects) achievable only in theory but useful in measuring the organization's progress toward ever-higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

absolute variance

Business services; Education & training

The expression of a difference between the usual cost and actual cost of an item or the difference of a projected budget and actual costs as an absolute number; the variance without respect to a ...

a priori formula

Business services; Education & training

The possibility determined when existing information is logically examined/checked. These types of possibilities are typically used within the counting method of probability /possibility ...

a temporary admission

Business services; Education & training

International customs document for temporary duty free import of certain goods (for a specific period, usually 12 months), without posting a bond for the assessed duty. It is generally used to import ...

abnormal spoilage

Business services; Education & training

When a loss of inventory occurs during manufacturing processes. For example, toys that should have been coated with a blue paint instead had red paint applied to them by a factory machine.

collaborative learning

Education; Education & training

A situation in which students learn from each other rather than from a teacher or learning materials. This is particularly valuable for high level professionals. Animation may be provided by a ...

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