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European history

Petar Bogdan Bakshev

History; European history

Petar Bogdan Bakshev or Petar Bogdan; (Chiprovtsi, Ottoman Empire, 1601 – Chiprovtsi, 1674) was a Bulgarian Catholic bishop, historian and a key Bulgarian National Revival figure. Petar Bogdan ...


History; European history

Batak is a town in Pazardzhik Province, Southern Bulgaria, not far from the town of Peshtera. The population of Batak took part in the April Uprising of 1876. The people of Batak rebelled on 22 April ...

Batak massacre

History; European history

Batak massacre refers to the massacre of Bulgarians in Batak by Ottoman troops in 1876 at the beginning of the April Uprising. The number of victims ranges from 3,000 to 5,000, depending on the ...

Sophronius of Vratsa

History; European history

Saint Sophronius of Vratsa (1739–1813), born Stoyko Vladislavov, was a Bulgarian cleric and one of the leading figures of the early Bulgarian National Revival.

Evtimiy of Tarnovo

History; European history

Saint Evtimiy of Tarnovo was Patriarch of Bulgaria between 1375 and 1393. Regarded as one of the most important figures of medieval Bulgaria, Evtimiy was the last head of the Bulgarian Orthodox ...

Second Bulgarian Empire

History; European history

The Second Bulgarian Empire was a medieval Bulgarian state which existed between 1185 and 1396 (or 1422). A successor of the First Bulgarian Empire, it reached the peak of its power under Kaloyan and ...

Kingdom of Bulgaria

History; European history

The Kingdom of Bulgaria was established as an independent state when the Principality of Bulgaria, an Ottoman vassal, officially proclaimed itself independent on October 5, 1908 (September 22 O.S.). ...

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