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Fax machines

Terms that relate to machines that are able to send and receive scanned documents by use of a phone line.

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Fax machines

caller ID

Office equipment; Fax machines

This lets you see the number of the person calling you.

CNG tones

Office equipment; Fax machines

Calling tones that are sent during automatic transmission to let the receiving unit know they are receiving a fax, not a call.

f/t ring time

Office equipment; Fax machines

The length of time the machine rings when it calls you with a telephone call.

activity report

Office equipment; Fax machines

A printed report of a fax machine's transactions. It can be printed automatically at a specified time or can be printed on demand. The information on the report may include date and time of ...

anti curl system (ACS)

Office equipment; Fax machines

A fax machine feature that is made to straighten a thermal roll of paper when it's printed.

automatic document feeder (ADF)

Office equipment; Fax machines

A fax machine module that can accept several pages and feed them one page at a time into the fax machine, allowing the user to fax multiple-page documents without having to manually replace each ...

all dial list

Office equipment; Fax machines

A printed report of all the fax numbers stored in one-touch and speed-dial locations.

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