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April Fools' Day

Holiday; Festivals

Celebrated on the 1st of April each year, April Fools' Day is a time when people, and increasingly businesses, play all kinds of good humored or funny jokes, hoaxes, and other practical pranksters of ...

World Youth Day

Holiday; Festivals

World Youth Day is a religious event that is celebrated every three years. Open to youths from all around the world, World Youth Day aims to connect young religious people with their contemporaries, ...

International Museum Day

Holiday; Festivals

The International Museum Day is a celebration held on or around May 18 each year to raise awareness of the importance of museums in the development of human society. It's organized by the Advisory ...

Stinging-Nettle Eating Contest

Holiday; Festivals

The contest is held annually in Devon, England. Of course, nettles are not harmful to eat in the slightest. Nettle soup is a classic countryside dish – but the nettles used in soup are cooked ...

World Sauna Championships

Holiday; Festivals

The World Sauna Championships was a popular Finnish event, and competitors came from all over the globe to compete. The contest is self-explanatory: competitors must sit in the sauna for as long as ...

World Bog Snorkelling Championships

Holiday; Festivals

This is possibly one of the most unpleasant contests on the planet. Competitors have to snorkel through the Waen Rhydd peat bog in Wales, UK – a dense mass of dirty water, mud, insects and flora. The ...

Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest

Holiday; Festivals

Every year in Brooklyn, New York, competitors must eat as many hot dogs as they can within 10 minutes. One of the most popular of the many 'extreme eating' competitions in North America, this one is ...

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