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General Finance

Aktiengesellschaft (AG)

Financial services; General Finance

German acronym for a joint-stock company.

annual general meeting (AGM)

Financial services; General Finance

Called some time after end of the financial year, shareholders are invited to vote acceptance of the company’s annual report, balance sheet and final dividend. Companies often use the meeting to tell ...

alternate investment market (AIM)

Financial services; General Finance

UK market for smaller or high-risk companies that do not qualify for a full listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Alexander’s filter (ALF)

Financial services; General Finance

A technical analysis tool that measures the rate of rise or fall in prices in terms of a percentage price rise or fall over a set period. Buy signals are interpreted by a sufficiently fast rate of ...


Financial services; General Finance

In the context of stock returns, alpha measures the risk-adjusted performance of a security or fund. It is the return on a security in excess of what would be predicted by a risk/return model.

American option

Financial services; General Finance

An option which can be exercised at any time during the life of the contract, up to and including the expiry date, in contrast to European options which can be exercised only on the expiry date. A ...

Ansvarlig Firma (AN)

Financial services; General Finance

Roughly equivalent to Ltd. or PLC., this is a Norwegian term for a company.

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