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General Finance

federal national mortgage association (fannie mae)

Financial services; General Finance

A publicly owned, government-sponsored corporation chartered in 1938 to purchase mortgages from lenders and resell them to investors. Known by the nickname Fannie Mae, it packages mortgages backed by ...

federal open market committee (fomc)

Financial services; General Finance

The body that is responsible for setting the interest rates and credit policies of the Federal Reserve System.

federal land bank

Financial services; General Finance

A bank administered under the US Farm Credit Administration that provides long-term mortgage credit to farmers for agriculture-related expenditures.

federal reserve act of 1913

Financial services; General Finance

Federal legislation that established the Federal Reserve System.

federal reserve bank

Financial services; General Finance

One of the 12 member banks constituting the Federal Reserve System that is responsible for overseeing the commercial and savings banks of its region to ensure their compliance with regulation.

original issue discount securities (oids)

Financial services; General Finance

Bonds on which the coupon rate is set considerably below the yield to maturity at the time of issuance so that the bonds are issued at a discount from a par value.

organization for economic cooperation and development (oecd)

Financial services; General Finance

An organization of industrialized countries formed to promote the economic health of its members and to contribute to worldwide development.

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