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General tobacco

A product that is processed by dry plant leaves of the genus Nicotiana. Tobacco is most commonly used as a drug, but can also be used as a pesticide. It is the product that is used in cigars and cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, and flavored shisha.

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General tobacco


Tobacco; General tobacco

A rolling method that originated in Cuba. Rather than booking the filler leaves, the roller folds each individual filler leaf back on itself, then bunches the leaves together. Proponents of this ...

english market selection

Tobacco; General tobacco

A color designation for wrapper leaves that are somewhat lighter in color than Maduro, especially selected for taste and bouquet. Also referred to as Naturals.

excise tax

Tobacco; General tobacco

A tax levied on certain goods manufactured or sold within a country.

european snuff

Tobacco; General tobacco

A form of nasal smokeless tobacco traditionally used in Europe and currently marketed globally. The products typically contain tobaccos of various origins which are dried and fine-milled into a ...


Tobacco; General tobacco

Cooling cabinets in which cigars are kept at the factory for a few weeks after they have been rolled.


Tobacco; General tobacco

A method of packaging cigars using cellophane as opposed to a box. A bundle usually contains from 25 to 50 cigars and are less expensive than boxed cigars. Bundled cigars usually contain the seconds ...


Tobacco; General tobacco

The mix of filler and binder leaves before they are rolled into a wrapper.

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