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General weather

Of or pertaining to weather

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General weather

Joplin tornado

Weather; General weather

The Joplin tornado tore across Joplin, Missouri, USA on May 22, 2011. Beginning near the Kansas state border, it was estimated to be 0.75 miles wide (1.21 km) when it hit Joplin. The current ...


Weather; General weather

It means very cold or icy. The term originally came from latin word gelidus.


Weather; General weather

The physical process by which a liquid, such as water, is transformed into a gaseous state, such as water vapor. It is the opposite physical process of condensation.

positive vorticity advection

Weather; General weather

The rotation of the atmosphere advects higher values of vorticity into an area. This is created by cyclonic turning and is often associated with upward motion of air. When found in advance of a short ...

wasatch winds

Weather; General weather

Strong winds blowing easterly out of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, sometimes reaching speeds greater than 75 miles per hour.

dust bowl

Weather; General weather

The term given to the area of the Great Plains including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico that was most greatly affected during the Great Drought of the 1930's.

Zulu time

Weather; General weather

One of several names for the twenty-four hour time which is used throughout the scientific and military communities. Other names for this time measurement are Universal Time Coordinate (UTC) or ...

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