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General weather

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General weather

extratropical cyclone

Weather; General weather

Any cyclone not of tropical origin. Generally considered to be a migratory frontal cyclone found in the middle and high latitudes. Also called an extratropical low or an extratropical storm.


Weather; General weather

Of or relating to the area around the geographic South Pole, from 90 degrees South to the Antarctic Circle at approximately 66 1/2 degrees South latitude, including the continent of Antarctica. Along ...

geostrophic wind

Weather; General weather

A steady horizontal motion of air along straight, parallel isobars or contours in an unchanging pressure or contour field. It is assumed that there is no friction, that the flow is straight with no ...

roll cloud

Weather; General weather

A relatively rare, low-level, horizontal, tube-shaped cloud. Although they are associated with a thunderstorm, they are completely detached from the base of the cumulonimbus cloud.

antarctic ocean

Weather; General weather

Although not officially recognized as a separate ocean body, it is commonly applied to those portions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans that reach the Antarctic continent on their southern ...

glacier winds

Weather; General weather

Air flow that descends from glaciers, occasionally at a high rate of speed. Caused by the temperature difference between the air in contact with the glacier and the air at the same altitude, it ...

rossby waves

Weather; General weather

The movement of ridges and troughs in the upper wind patterns, primarily the jet stream, circling the earth. Named for Carl-Gustaf Rossby, a U.S. Weather Bureau (NWS) employee, who first theorized ...

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