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Hip surgery

Hip replacement and related surgical operations.

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Hip surgery


Health care; Hip surgery

Bursitis is inflammation of the bursa. Bursas (bur’sah) (Latin-purse) are closed sacs lined with membrane containing fluid. They are found or formed in the areas of friction. These structures are ...

epidural anesthesia

Health care; Hip surgery

Anesthesia is given upon (or outside) the dura mater. There are several anatomical layers that cover the spinal cord. The space just above the cord and the cerebral spinal fluid is called the ...


Health care; Hip surgery

Term used to describe the displacement of an organ or any other part. Dislocation specifically means a disturbance or disarrangement of the normal relation of the bones in the formation of a joint. ...

ball and socket joint

Health care; Hip surgery

This is a type of joint. Joints are classified based on their articulation and mobility. Ball and socket joints offer the greatest mobility. Such joints are formed of two or more bones comprising of ...


Health care; Hip surgery

Arthoplasty literally means an operation for construction of a new movable joint. Usually arthoplasty is done for painful joints where joint movement is desirable. This operation is done commonly for ...


Health care; Hip surgery

Bipolar devices are artificial joint articulating devices usually resembling the socket part of a normal ball and socket joint. In such a device, the movement takes place inside the implant instead ...


Health care; Hip surgery

An orthopedic appliance that supports or holds in correct position any movable part of the body and that allows motion of the part, in contrast to a splint, which prevents motion of the part. Braces ...

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