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International economics

International trade theories, policies, finances and their effects on economic activities.

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International economics

efficient capital market

Economy; International economics

An asset market in which, at a minimum, current price changes are independent of past price changes, or, more strongly, price reflects all (publicly) available information. Some believe foreign ...

elasticities approach

Economy; International economics

1. The method of analyzing the determination of the balance of trade, especially due to a devaluation, that focuses on the price elasticities of exports and imports. According to this approach, the ...


Economy; International economics

A measure of responsiveness of one economic variable to another -- usually the responsiveness of quantity to price along a supply or demand curve -- comparing percentage changes (%) or changes in ...

emerging economy

Economy; International economics

1. Originally this term was applied to countries that had recently ceased to be part of the Soviet Union and its satellites, and thus emerging from centrally planned communist economies. The term ...

emerging market

Economy; International economics

1. Term coined in the early 1980s by World Bank economist Antoine van Agtmael to describe "economies with low-to-middle per capita income" (according to ''Financial Times'' Oct 20, 2006). 2. Same as ...


Economy; International economics

1. Something that depends on other things, which should be taken into account in an analysis. 2. Endogenous variable.

entry barrier

Economy; International economics

A natural or artificial impediment to a firm beginning to operate in an industry. Entry barriers give a first mover advantage to firms already in an industry, and these are often national firms in ...

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