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International economics

International trade theories, policies, finances and their effects on economic activities.

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International economics

environmental subsidy

Economy; International economics

A subsidy intended for environmental purposes. A subsidy for adapting existing facilities to new environmental laws or regulations is non-actionable under WTO rules.


Economy; International economics

1. A state of balance between offsetting forces for change, so that no change occurs. 2. In competitive markets, equality of quantity supplied and quantity demanded.


Economy; International economics

1. Regarding the structure of tariffs, see tariff escalation. 2. In the context of a trade war, escalation refers to the increase in tariffs that occurs as countries retaliate again and again.

escape clause

Economy; International economics

1. The portion of a legal text that permits departure from its provisions in the event of specified adverse circumstances. 2. The U. S. Statute (section 201, 1974 trade act) that permits imports to ...

Ethical Trading Initiative

Economy; International economics

An alliance of multinational companies, nongovernmental organizations, and labor unions seeking to promote and identify ethical trade.

Euler's Theorem

Economy; International economics

1. The property of a function X=F(V) that is homogeneous of degree N that  i V i ∂F/∂V i =NX. 2. The useful implication of this that, for a production function X=F(V) with constant ...


Economy; International economics

A bond that is issued outside of the jurisdiction of any single country, denominated in a eurocurrency.

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