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International economics

International trade theories, policies, finances and their effects on economic activities.

Contributors in International economics

International economics

European Trade Study Group

Economy; International economics

A group that meets annually for conferences on the economics of international trade.

European Union

Economy; International economics

A group of European countries that have chosen to integrate many of their economic activities, including forming a customs union and harmonizing many of their rules and regulations. Preceded by EEC ...


Economy; International economics

1. The Euro Zone. 2. Pertaining to the Euro Zone or the euro.

ex post

Economy; International economics

After the fact; that is, after some event has taken place.


Economy; International economics

1. To engage in trade, either within a country or internationally. 2. Foreign exchange.

exchange market

Economy; International economics

1. The market on which national currencies are exchanged for one another. 2. The actual exchange market, which exists primarily among large international banks. Others who wish to exchange currencies ...

exchange rate mechanism

Economy; International economics

A system that was operated by some central banks within the European Union, which intervened in exchange markets to limit the fluctuations of their currencies relative to one another, while letting ...

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