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Kidney disease

Kidney disease prevention and treatment.

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Kidney disease


Health care; Kidney disease

A mineral found in many foods, such as beans, nuts, milk, and meat. Too much phosphorus in the blood pulls calcium from the bones.


Health care; Kidney disease

A hormone produced by the kidneys to help the body absorb dietary calcium into the blood and bones.

peritoneal dialysis

Health care; Kidney disease

Filtering the blood by using the lining of the abdominal cavity, or belly, as the filter. A cleansing liquid, called dialysis solution, is drained from a bag into the abdomen. Fluid and wastes flow ...


Health care; Kidney disease

The semipermeable membrane lining the peritoneal cavity.


Health care; Kidney disease

A mineral and electrolyte found in the body and in many foods.


Health care; Kidney disease

A thin sheet, or layer, of tissue that lines a body cavity or separates two parts of the body. A semipermeable membrane can act as a filter, allowing some particles to pass from one part of the body ...


Health care; Kidney disease

Refers to disorders that last a long time, often years. Chronic kidney disease may develop over many years and lead to end-stage renal disease. Chronic is the opposite of acute, or brief.

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