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The prevention and treatment of leukemia -- cancer of the blood or bone marrow. The disease is characterized by an abnormal increase of immature white blood cells.

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congenital leukemia

Health care; Leukemia

The presence of leukemia at the time of birth.


Health care; Leukemia

The principal phagocyte (microbe-eating cell) in the blood. The neutrophil is the main cell that combats infections. Patients with certain blood cancers or patients who have undergone chemotherapy ...


Health care; Leukemia

The number of newly diagnosed cases for a specific disease or group of diseases during a specific time period, usually a year. When expressed as a rate, it is the number of new cases during that time ...

stem cell

Health care; Leukemia

These are primitive cells in marrow that are required to make red cells, white cells and platelets (see “hematopoiesis”). Generally, the stem cells are largely found in the marrow but some leave the ...

performance status

Health care; Leukemia

The performance status semi-quantifies the ability of a patient to perform daily activities. This semi-quantification is very helpful in clinical trials in assessing the state of health of patients ...

drug therapy

Health care; Leukemia

The use of chemicals (drugs or medications) to kill malignant cells. Numerous chemicals have been developed for this purpose, and most act to injure the DNA of the cancer cells. When the DNA is ...

solitary myeloma

Health care; Leukemia

Tumor present in one bone as determined by marrow examination and imaging studies of bones.

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