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The scientific study of human language.

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double-scope network

Language; Linguistics

A type of integration network in which both input spaces also contain distinct frames but the blended space is organized by structure taken from each frame, hence the term ‘double-scope’. One ...

ego-based cognitive model for time

Language; Linguistics

A temporal reference frame which serves to ‘locate’ events by virtue of their relationship to the subjective experience of now or the present. There are two ego-based cognitive models for time in ...

elaboration site

Language; Linguistics

The schematic trajector or landmark that a particular expression can fill in order to complete an expression via the process known as elaboration (2).


Language; Linguistics

An entity within a mental space established by a specific linguistic expression. Elements are entities which can either be constructed on-line in the moment of thinking and speaking or can relate to ...

embodied cognition

Language; Linguistics

One of the guiding principles of cognitive semantics and at the heart of much research in cognitive linguistics. This thesis holds that the human mind and conceptual organization are a function of ...

embodied construction grammar (ECG)

Language; Linguistics

Embodied construction grammar (ECG) is a recent theory of construction grammar developed by Benjamin Bergen and Nancy Chang together with various collaborators. In this model, the emphasis is on ...

embodied experience

Language; Linguistics

The idea that experience is embodied entails that we have a species-specific view of the world due to the unique nature of our physical bodies. In other words, our construal of reality is mediated in ...

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