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Mental disorder

Mental disorder is an absence or loss of mental health.

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Mental disorder

Cannabis dependence

Psychiatry; Mental disorder

Cannabis dependence is defined in the fifth revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) as a condition requiring treatment. Cannabis is one of the most widely used ...


Psychiatry; Mental disorder

Jet lag, medically referred to as desynchronosis and rarely circadian dysrhythmia, is a physiological condition which results from alterations to the body's circadian rhythms resulting from rapid ...


Psychiatry; Mental disorder

Erotomania is a type of delusion in which the affected person believes that another person, usually a stranger, high-status or famous person, is in love with him or her. The illness often occurs ...

Factitious disorder

Psychiatry; Mental disorder

A factitious disorder is a condition in which a person acts as if they have an illness by deliberately producing, feigning, or exaggerating symptoms. Factitious disorder by proxy is a condition in ...

Generalized anxiety disorder

Psychiatry; Mental disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is an anxiety disorder that is characterized by excessive, uncontrollable and often irrational worry. For diagnosis of this disorder, symptoms must last at least ...

Histrionic personality disorder

Psychiatry; Mental disorder

Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive emotions and attention-seeking, including ...

Impulse control disorder

Psychiatry; Mental disorder

Impulse control disorder (ICD) is a class of psychiatric disorders characterized by impulsivity – failure to resist a temptation, urge or impulse that may harm oneself or others. Five behavioural ...

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