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Any two-wheeled motor vehicle that can carry either one or two passengers.

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regular unleaded gasoline

Automotive; Motorcycles

Unleaded fuel of the “regular” grade, as opposed to the “super” or “premium” grades.


Automotive; Motorcycles

Part that turns its contact point ON/OFF by causing the excitation of the coil to move the contact shoe.

relay arm

Automotive; Motorcycles

Arm in a link-type suspension system that connects the suspension to the frame.

relief valve

Automotive; Motorcycles

Valve that opens to relieve the pressure if it has exceeded the limit.

reserve switch

Automotive; Motorcycles

Switch for selecting the reserve of a solenoid pump type fuel system.

quick fastener

Automotive; Motorcycles

Cowling fastener that does not require tools.

quick fastener screw

Automotive; Motorcycles

Screw that fastens a cowling, which can be removed by merely turning it one-half of a turn.

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