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Residential locations are uses of lands for the purpose of housing rather than commercial industrial agricultural etc.

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Single-family home

Real estate; Residential

A living unit that stands independently, set apart from others, and may include a garage, driveway, and lawn. It is generally occupied by a single family or group of people and is also known as ...

Mobile home

Real estate; Residential

A living structure that is set on wheels, movable in theory but may not be in practice.


Real estate; Residential

A real estate investor who buys a property, renovates it and sells it on at a profit a short time later.

Adjustment date

Real estate; Residential

Day from which all calculations of interest, tax adjustments, utility bill adjustments are made to the credit of either the buyer or the sellers. Usually the same as possession date. Source: ...


Real estate; Residential

Number of years it takes to repay the entire amount of the mortgage by periodic payments to the creditor. Source: Vancouver Island Real Estate Board; Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.

Appraised value

Recording equipment; Residential

Estimate of the market value of a property, used by lenders to determine the amount of the mortgage. Source: Vancouver Island Real Estate Board.

Assessed value

Real estate; Residential

Value of a property set by the British Columbia Assessment Authority for the purposes of calculating property tax. Source: Vancouver Island Real Estate Board.

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