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Any cloth garment worn on the upper body.

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Barrel cuff

Apparel; Shirts

Popular form of shirt cuff with a single button to fasten.


Apparel; Shirts

Long shirt/coat garment worn in South Asia, which reaches the thighs or knees.


Apparel; Shirts

A tank top shirt is a shirt with no sleeves. Out of fashion until the late 2000s tank tops are primarily for the beach look. Popular in many beach communities for their ability to have as much are ...

dress shirt

Apparel; Shirts

A dress shirt is a garment or a shirt that has a collar and a full front opening along the hem with buttons to fasten it together. Primarily used in formal settings it is seen often accompanied by a ...

Kent Wang

Apparel; Shirts

Kent Wang is a modern haberdasher that not only sells polo shirts, but also suits, outerwear, shoes, socks, cuff links and ties. The company was established in Austin, Texas in 2007. It is committed ...

J. Press

Apparel; Shirts

J. Press has been around since the start of the 20th century. It was founded by Jacobi Press in 1902 inside the campus of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. While the New Haven store remains ...

Thom Browne

Apparel; Shirts

Thom Browne is a line of menswear based in New York City. Browne himself earned his spurs working for such prestigious brands like Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren, where he led the creative ...

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