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Sports shoes


Footwear; Childrens shoes

A type of durable, non-slip, outsole typically found on hiking boots. Vibram is a registered trademark of Vibram S.P.A.

vulcanized rubber

Footwear; Childrens shoes

Rubber that has been converted from its crude state to one of durability and strength.

waterproof leather

Footwear; Childrens shoes

Shoes that have been especially treated to prevent the entry of water.

water sports

Footwear; Childrens shoes

Any sports such as rafting, kayaking, surfing, etc. that require footwear that is waterproof, quick drying, with all terrain traction

wedge heel

Footwear; Childrens shoes

A heel which extends from the back of the shoe to the ball of the shoe, following its contour.


Footwear; Childrens shoes

A style of pull-on boots with no trim, often made of rubber.


Footwear; Childrens shoes

The width of a shoe is typically measured in letters (AAA, AA, A, B, C, D, E, EEE, EEEE) and refers to the width of the shoe last as measured at the ball of the foot. Widths are defined in one-sixths ...

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