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Referring to any beverage made by the infusion in hot water of the dried and prepared leaves of the Camellia sinensis shrub.

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Beverages; Tea

A large leaf black tea. Originated in China, Souchong tea was made from a small bush whose leaves were allowed to develop to a large size.

speciality tea

Beverages; Tea

A blend of teas that takes its name from the area in which it is grown; a blend of teas blended for a particular person or event, or a blend of teas for a particular time of day.

spring teas

Beverages; Tea

Formosa teas picked in the April-May season.

stalk and fibre

Beverages; Tea

Bits of tea bush other than the leaf which should be minimal in superior grades but are unavoidable in lower-grade teas


Beverages; Tea

A soft liquor with undesirable taste that lacks point. Caused by faulty firing, or drying, at low temperatures and often with insufficient airflow through the oven during tea manufacture or making.


Nonalcoholic beverages; Tea

Substance in cup


Beverages; Tea

A tea producing island of Indonesia.

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