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Referring to any beverage made by the infusion in hot water of the dried and prepared leaves of the Camellia sinensis shrub.

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Nonalcoholic beverages; Tea

Refers to 'cup quality' and denotes a combination of the most desirable liquoring qualities.

scented tea

Beverages; Tea

Green semi-fermented or black teas that have been flavoured by the additions of flowers, flower petals, fruits spices or natural oils. Examples of these are Jasmine Tea, Rose Puchong, Orange Tea, ...

semi-fermented tea

Nonalcoholic beverages; Tea

Tea that has been partially fermented before being fired or dried. This tea has the qualities and appearance halfway between a green and black tea.


Beverages; Tea

The most popular variety of green tea in Japan.

single estate tea

Beverages; Tea

A blend of teas from one particular estate or garden.


Beverages; Tea

Mellow quality, characteristic of some Keemun teas which have been given six months to a year to age. Used in the gung fu style of brewing tea.


Beverages; Tea

Leaf appearance of a well-twisted, thin, long leaf.

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