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Telephones & accessories

Of or relating to devices that send and receive signals between devices or an other item that may aid or contribute to the use of a telephone, such as an alternative headset.

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Telephones & accessories


Telecommunications; Telephones & accessories

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Telecommunications; Telephones & accessories

A device that sends and receives sound, especially speech, over a distance. Telephones change the sound waves into electric signals.


Telecommunications; Telephones & accessories

The keys on a DTMF telephone which are used for dialing and sometimes for communications with a computer based system. (2) The group of keys which are grouped together on one end of a keyboard ...


Telecommunications; Telephones & accessories

Voicemail (also known as voice message or voice bank) is a computer based system that allows users and subscribers to exchange personal voice messages; to select and deliver voice information; and to ...

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