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Terminology is the meaning of terms and thier use.

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Language; Terminology

The possibility of using language to talk about language; this is one of its delimiting characteristics with respect to other communication systems.


Language; Terminology

The technique of speaking effectively in public. Regarded in the past as an art and cultivated deliberately.


Language; Terminology

A situation where the linguist chooses to ignore details of language use for reasons of greater generalization.


Language; Terminology

A system which consists of a set of symbols (sentences) — realized phonetically by sounds — which are used in a regular order to convey a certain meaning. Apart from these formal characteristics, ...

linguistic determinism

Language; Terminology

Refers to the view, propounded by Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf, that language determines the way in which people think. Also termed the linguistic relativity hypothesis.


Language; Terminology

An application of a word to another with which it is figuratively but not literally associated, e.g. food for thought. This process is very common in the use of language and may lead to changes in ...


Language; Terminology

The linguistic study of names, both personal and place names. This field is particularly concerned with etymology and with the general historical value of the information which names offer the ...

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