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Tourist attractions

Of or relating to places, items, or actions that are popularly known for people to experience a certain history, culture, beauty, or amusement of an area. Examples are the Mona Lisa, The Great Wall of China, or taking a street car in San Francisco.

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Tourist attractions

Cakalele dance

Dance; Exotic

Cakalele dance is a traditional, mystical war dance from Northern and Central Maluku, usually performed by about 30 male and female dancers. The males dance with big machetes on their right hands and ...

Pasir Panjang Beach

Natural environment; Tourist attractions

Pasir Panjang (literally, "long sand") beach, or Ngurbloat beach in local tongue, is well-known for its soft, powder-like sand and its no less than 3 km outstretched shore-line. Located near Tual, ...

Siwalima museum

Anthropology; Archaeology tools

Siwalima Museum is located about 5 km from the capital of Maluku province, Ambon, exhibiting various artifacts of Maluku culture and arts, some even dating back to prehistoric times. It also contains ...

Soya village

Anthropology; Archaeology

Soya village, located on the mountains about 4 km from Ambon city, was once the central spot of the oldest independent kingdom in Ambon Island, up to the arrival of Portuguese and Dutch occupiers. It ...

Pombo Island

Natural environment; Coral reefs

Pombo Island, located between Ambon Island and Haruku Island, has been officially declared a natural conservation area since 1973. Being kept uninhabited by human until today, this 1000-hectares ...

Hila Kaitetu village

Archaeology; Tourist attractions

Hila Kaitetu village, located about 35 km from Ambon city, possesses some historical sites such as Immanuel church (built in 1659) and Wapauwe mosque (built in 1414), both claimed by the locals to be ...


Geography; Geography

Bistra is a mountain that belongs to a young mountain chain in Western Macedonia. Famous for richness in a number of rare and medicinal herbs, like: wild thyme, St. John's wort, satureja etc... ...

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