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U.S. election

General elections held every four years to elect the President and Vice President of the United States. These are indirect elections in that ordinary voters cast ballots for a slate of electors of the U.S. Electoral College, who in turn directly elect the President and Vice President.

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U.S. election


Government; U.S. election

The national health insurance program for the elderly and the disabled established in 1965 under an amendment to the Social Security Act. Medicare breaks down into two parts: * hospital insurance ...

Oval Office

Government; U.S. election

The office traditionally occupied by the president in the West Wing of the White House. The room did not exist until the 1930s when it was added on as part of expansion work to the building. The ...

Patriot Act

Government; U.S. election

A controversial law enacted in response to the September 11 attacks giving government agencies new powers to tackle terrorism. The law permits the indefinite imprisonment without trial of foreigners ...

Political Action Committee (PAC)

Government; U.S. election

An organization formed to promote its members' views on selected issues, usually by raising money that is used to fund candidates who support the group's position. PACs monitor candidates' voting ...

Reagan democrat

Government; U.S. election

Democratic voters who defected from their party to vote for Republican candidate Ronald Reagan in the 1980 and 1984 presidential elections, largely because of his social and fiscal policies. The ...


Government; U.S. election

An automated phonecall dialed by a machine that delivers a pre-recorded message from a politician or candidate to voters.

Roe vs Wade

Government; U.S. election

The landmark 1973 Supreme Court judgement making abortions legal in the US. By a vote of 7-2 the court justices ruled that governments lacked the power to prohibit abortions. The court's judgement ...

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