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U.S. election

General elections held every four years to elect the President and Vice President of the United States. These are indirect elections in that ordinary voters cast ballots for a slate of electors of the U.S. Electoral College, who in turn directly elect the President and Vice President.

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U.S. election


Government; U.S. election

People or volunteers used by political candidates or parties to document the activities of their rivals. Trackers usually follow opposing candidates with recording equipment - video cameras, audio ...

founding fathers

Government; U.S. election

An imprecise term used most often to describe those involved in the framing and adoption of the Constitution at the Philadelphia Convention of 1787. The convention brought together 55 delegates from ...

pork barrel politics

Government; U.S. election

The appropriation of government spending - or "pork" - by a lawmaker for projects that are likely to benefit his or her constituents or campaign contributors.

blue state

Government; U.S. election

A state where people tend to vote for the Democratic Party.


Government; U.S. election

Front-loading describes the tendency for states to move their primaries and caucuses forward in an attempt to be among the first states holding a nominating contest. State authorities believe that ...

federal matching funds

Government; U.S. election

Public money supplied to campaign funds that match donations made by individual contributors up to a maximum of $250 per donation. Candidates are not obliged to take matching funds, but if they do, ...


Government; U.S. election

A state-level election held before a general election to nominate a party's candidate for office. Primaries are held for both the presidential and congressional races, although the exact regulations ...

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