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Cacti in the desert have to withstand harsh conditions. Not many other things can live in the desert, so the cactus flower stands for endurance.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

In the Victorian era, the begonia was given the meaning of "beware". This is not to mean that it is a bad omen, however. Still, it would be unwise to give these to someone you care about.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

The apple is associated with the first time mankind truly made a choice, which was the original sin. Therefore, the apple flower symbolizes choice.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

The anemone's meaning really depends on what culture is being followed. To some, it is a symbol of bad luck, while to others, it is a symbol of deathless love.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

Just as this flower bends down and looks at the ground, not displaying its beauty as other flowers do, so has the bluebell come to be related to humility.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

The chrysanthemum, a beautiful, bright flower with many different arrangements of petals, has come to mean cheerfulness as well as saying that the person sent these flowers is a great friend.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

The camellia is given as a symbol of good luck and fortune. They are also associated with tea time. White camellias are associated with funerals and grieving of deaths.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

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