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Based on "Glossary of environmental education terms", promoted on the Intergovernmental Conference on Environmental Education (Tbilissi, USSR, 1977) and recommended by Unesco for standardization of environmental education terminology through the compilation of a multilingual glossary. Printed In Hungary by the National Centre for Educational Technology, © Unesco 1983

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Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and Flora (CITES), whose members include many of the State. The Convention contains a system of measures to combat trafficking of ...

Domain: Environment; Category: Environmental policy

Water suitable for drinking and cooking.

Domain: Environment; Category: Environmental policy

Methods of bringing up and developing the personality in the process of education. Meet the scientific pedagogical requirements.

Domain: Environment; Category: Environmental policy

Case study histories of environmental decisions, problems, and situations. All factors, including ecological, political, social, economic, technological, etc. , are examined to determine the critical ...

Domain: Environment; Category: Environmental policy

Animals that carry the pathogenes, for example, mosquitoes anopheles, tse-tse fly.

Domain: Environment; Category: Environmental policy

The scientific characteristic criterion of an evaluation or judgement, decision-making is based upon.

Domain: Environment; Category: Environmental policy

Long-term weather conditions and factors peculiar to a given environmental segment/area due to its geographical situation. One of the major factors that determines the distribution of plant and ...

Domain: Environment; Category: Environmental policy

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