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Are you a beginner in the handpan world? If yes, then you are on the right page. In this blog, we will be discussing the qualities that you need to look for while buying your first handpan instrument. Choosing a handpan for beginners is a challenging task. With proper guidance, you will be able to get the best instrument.

Features to look for while buying the best handpan instruments are as follows,

1. Well built

Whenever you plan to buy a handpan instrument make sure that the instrument you buy is well built and does not have any manufacturing defects. It is the preliminary step of choosing a handpan. The tone of a handpan is directly dependent on the built quality of the instrument.

Choose handpans that are octave and have a 5th harmonic tune to each note. The handpan instrument you buy should have the power to withstand sensible force.

2. Scale

Scale is a very important factor in every musical instrument. Unlike chromatic musical instruments, it is important to check the scale of handpan instruments before investing. Generally, there are three scales in a handpan instrument and they are as follows,

Major scale

Minor scale

Exotic scale

3. Type of steel

Handpan instruments are made up of steel, and thus it is very important that you make a correct decision while choosing a handpan instrument. Commonly three types of steel are used to build a handpan instrument and they are as follows,

Nitrided steel

Raw steel

Stainless steel

The type of steel used plays a major role in the sound of the instrument. Every other steel has different characteristics, and thus you need to check them before buying a handpan instrument.

4. Number of notes

How many notes do you want in your handpan instrument? The answer varies from one person to another. Generally, handpan instruments have six tones and they are,

Celtic minor




La Sirena




5. Cost

If you are looking to buy a cheap handpan instrument then you are in utter misconception. As handpan instruments are handcrafted, They come among the most expensive musical instruments. Instead of searching for a cheap option, you can look for handpan instruments that are comparably affordable. If you get a handpan instrument at an extremely cheap price, we recommend you not to fall into this trap. The best handpan instruments are never available at a cheap price.

Some of the best handpan instruments for beginners are as follows,

Tzevaot handpan

These handpan instruments are rust-resistant. If you are looking for a handpan instrument with an aeolian scale then it is one of the go-to options that you have got.

Meinl sonic energy handpan

The scale in this handpan instrument is D#major. This type of handpan instrument is one of the best instruments for beginners.

Lark music handpan

This type of handpan instrument is relatively cheaper. Thye scale in lark music handpan is D minor.

If you are a new learner and having difficulties in picking one, check out our handpan online store. We host the best handpan for beginners there!

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