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Indonesia, when you heard the word 'Indonesia' perhaps the first thing that pops out in your mind is 'Bali'. Yes, Bali indeed sounds very familiar, and indeed its true that Bali is one of the most favorite tourists destinations in the world. However, Indonesia is much more than that.Its enchanting culture, diverse landscape, rich diversity in cultural relics, and also the friendliness of the Indonesian people, all of these indeed are not easily forgotten, and indeed will bring more than just an experience.

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Broadly speaking, a period of slow or negative economic growth, usually accompanied by rising unemployment. Economists have two more precise definitions of a recession. The first, which can be hard ...

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An East Indian, white-flour flat bread that is lightly leavened by a natural yeast starter developed from airborne yeasts. Naan is traditionally baked in a tandoor oven. A flattened round of dough ...

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A professional who maintains bank's balances on deposit in foreign banks to ensure foreign exchange position, and negotiates prices at which such exchanges shall be purchased and sold, based on ...

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1. A fall in the value of a country's currency on the exchange market, relative either to a particular other currency or to a weighted average of other currencies. The currency is said to depreciate. ...

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1. In the balance of payments, or in any category of international transactions within it, the deficit is the sum of debits minus the sum of credits, or the negative of the surplus. 2. In the ...

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“Neither a borrower nor a lender be,” wrote Shakespeare in “Hamlet”. Actually, the availability of debt, and the willingness to take it on, is a crucial ingredient of economic growth, because it ...

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Court ordered or mutual agreement, between a financially troubled firm and its creditors, to reorganize its liabilities as a more feasible alternative to foreclosure or liquidation. Debt ...

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