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Every country, region and even local regional people have their own taste and to cater to that everyone has their own style of food, dishes and own recipes. In sub-continent, while Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have hundreds of dishes related to rice and fishes alone, its the rich Pakistani and Indian culture that have thousands if not millions of recipes. In Pakistan, we have regional dishes and food and then there are dishes popular country wide.

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Seeji or Saji and Dumpakht are two especial Baluchi cuisine that have become so famous all over the country now. It is made out after skewing whole lamb that makes it unique and scrumptious for all. ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

Halwa Puri is the last but not least especial breakfast item of Pakistan. It is originated from Punjab but famous all over the world for its yummy taste and halwa eye-catching color. Halwa is a sweet ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

Haleem and Hareesa involve a lot of food items like lentils; rice, meat, maze etc. but the amalgam of such product is surely is super-duper tasty in the form of Haleem or hareesa. They are majorly ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

Korma & Nehari are also yummy Pakistani food items. Meat is involved in cooking both the dishes. People enjoy eating them on special occasions such as weddings, dinners, parties and hangouts etc.

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

Naan Kababs are not dishes actually but kind of essential add-ons or pop-ups of a Pakistani dining table. Kebab is made from minced meat and naan with flour dough. There is a wide variety of kababs ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

Makai ki Roti with Sarsoon da saag is a famous Punjabi recipe. It involves mustard leaves, makai flour and that's it. Whenever there is a need to represent village culture of Pakistan, it is shown to ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

Biryani and Pakistani foods are directly linked. No Pakistani feast is complete without its presence. It is basically a South Indian dish but it became a smashing hit in Pakistan for people here are ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

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