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Glossary of terms related to the Hub and signatory worlds.


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Правни алтернативни идентитет. Неколико влада и комерцијалних услуга су овлашћени према прописима Хаб Меркантилног савета да обезбеде регистроване псеудониме. Регистрованом алиасу морају бити пружена ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Fiction

Човек или (повремено) жена за коју се верује да је кроз херојску примену верских врлина стекла неке карактеристике Светог ратника или Благословене девојке- лик попут свеца у Кларосијској теологији. ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Fiction

Feriado geralmente comemorado em conjunto com o ano novo local em muitos mundos de Hub Central do eixo. Acredita-se que derivam de celebrações religiosas, muito mais velhas e ainda tem significado ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Fiction

A Veran pitched percussion instrument used for music and communication. Smaller versions are often played in musical ensembles. Larger versions provide time markers and other simple communications ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Fiction

A Veran Elder charged with admitting Adepts to higher levels of mind/body discipline in a Cloister's training system.

Domain: Literature; Category: Fiction

Veran: An assigned mentor or tutor for an aspirant to deepening learning in mind/body disciplines, more personal than a teacher of novices or a serone of adepts. The payndi provides one-to-one ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Fiction

Holiday usually celebrated in conjunction with the local New Year on many Central Axis Hub worlds. It is believed to derive from much older, religious celebrations, and still has religious ...

Domain: Literature; Category: Fiction

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