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1) Incriminate and Inculpate are sinonimous..thus

1a) Incriminate means accuse, charge with accusation, inculpate, incriminate actually means accusing someone with a statement, deposit of wit at court, usually demonstrating guilt, thus we have the term incriminating evidence=evidence that male someone guilty, more guilty than before..as elements were found that make someone guilty..For ex. we saythat inquestor found incriminative evidence (elements that prove or just demonstrate that someone is guilty, and sent a relative report to Prosecutor, for pre-prisoning, actually also Prosecutor must decide whether incrimniated person or persons, in case of collective crime are really found guilty in order to be pre-prisoned and sent to trial on a fix date, based on decision of prosecutor, self-professionally, (see Penal Procedure); we also have 'incriminating circumstance'=a case, where evidence shows that rather person A, or person A and B, as complices are guilty; we also have 'incriminating evidence'=elements that demonstrate that (rather) a person is correctly accused of having committed a crime, or just heavy penal act, or penal act.

2) Inculpate=make someone guilty, the slight difference with 'incriminate' is that a person may be accused as guilty, regardless of having committed the crime or not..let's don't forget at this point, that in terms of civil procedure at Court, plaintiff may be also found guilty, thus 'correctly incriminated/inculpated of something, or that behind plaintiff in a penal case, may be hiddent the true guilty persons, that processed to court, in order to hide their guilt. -/We thus also have term inculpation=accusation, or 'inculpative statement'=a statement of a wit, that incriminates, or tries to incriminate someone, who is guilty truly or not guilty.

3)Incombrance=being charged with a loan, mortgage for loan in bank, thus when a house is sold, and applicants go to notary, for sell-purchase of a house, notary should write on contract that 'house is free of incombrance, claim, of bank, thus that it's not morggaged, thus can be sold

4)Incur=create, cause, being in debt, for ex. he/she's incurred many debts, thus a person, has obtained loans at banks, credit cards, and thus is in many debts, also (for ex.) owing money to Tax Collection Office, thus to state,

5)Indebtedness=being in debts, as also above, thus term here means that someone has many debts together, or a single, big debt for instance, for ex. owes to State (Tax Collection), too much money, that hasn't been paid yet. (the term derives from single noun 'debt'=something owed to someone, basically money, and indeed high sums of money, as usually term is used.

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