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Arts & crafts comprises a multitude of activities and hobbies that involve making things with one's hands, usually from scratch. They can be sub-divided into 'handicrafts'( or traditional crafts ) that are fashioned in an old style using long practised techniques, and the rest which are more modern inventions that have become recent trends or fads.

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Louis Dufresne

Arts & crafts; Taxidermy

Was a Taxidermist at the Museum national d'Histoire from 1793. He was made famous when he popularized arsenical soap in an article in Nouveau dictionnaire d'historie naturelle ...

rogue taxidermy

Arts & crafts; Taxidermy

Is the creation of stuffed animals which do not have real, live counterparts. many taxidermists do not consider this true taxidermy. Rogue taxidermy may represent unrealistic ...

anthropomorphic taxidermy

Arts & crafts; Taxidermy

Anthropomorphic taxidermy is where stuffed animals are dressed as people or displayed as if engaged in human activities.

hair slip

Arts & crafts; Taxidermy

The event where hair from an untanned skin begins to fall out after rotting has began.


Arts & crafts; Taxidermy

Is the action of treating a raw skin or hide in a salty soultion to permenantly preserve it.


Arts & crafts; Taxidermy

A studio is an establishment where taxidermy usually takes place. It usually consists of a workbench, tools, hoists and a tumbler for drying out tanned skins.


Arts & crafts; Taxidermy

Any man or woman who performs taxidermy as a profession. A taxidermist can practice taxidermy on a wide range of mammals, birds, fish and marsupials.