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Anything related to the production or supply of energy in any form.

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Energy; Shale gas

The empty space or gap between the rock face and the steel pipe in a borehole is called anulus. It's about an inch wide and is usually filled with cement to prevent methane from ...

high volume fracking

Energy; Shale gas

A technique developed in the 1990s that uses a different blend of chemicals than earlier forms of fracking with less gelling agents and more friction‐reducing chemicals called ...

tight sands

Energy; Shale gas

A geological formation consisting of a matrix of typically impermeable, non-porous tight sands.

total dissolved solids (TDS)

Energy; Shale gas

All material that passes the standard glass river filter; also called total filterable residue. Term is used to reflect salinity.


Energy; Shale gas

A cloudy condition in water due to suspended silt or organic matter.

unconventional gas

Energy; Shale gas

Natural gas resources which require greater than industry-standard levels of technology or investment to harvest. The three most common types of unconventional gas resources are ...

underground injection well

Energy; Shale gas

A steel- and concrete-encased shaft into which hazardous waste is deposited by force and under pressure.