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A place of interest. This can include countries, states, cities, neighborhoods or streets.

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Places > Arctic


Places; Arctic

Ice of the consistence of thick honey, offering little impediment to a ship while in this state, but greatly favoring the formation of a "bay-floe."


Places; Arctic

A long and narrow, but generally continuous, collection of loose ice.


Places; Arctic

A mass of ice projecting under water from an iceberg or floe, and generally distinguishable at a considerable depth of smooth water. It differs from a "calf" in being fixed to, or ...


Places; Arctic

Towing along a margin of ice.


Places; Arctic

A dark appearance in the sky, indicating "clear water" in that direction, and forming a striking contrast with the "blink" over land or ice.


Places; Arctic

Nearly the same as "bay-ice," but generally applied to ice more recently formed than the latter.


Places; Arctic

the area lying above 66 ½ degrees North latitude that includes the Arctic Ocean and lies between North America and Russia.