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The methods and act of calling something to the attention of the public especially through paid announcements. Also includes the business of preparing advertisements for publication or broadcast.

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Advertising; Online advertising

Identification of personality characteristics and attitudes that affect a person's lifestyle and purchasing behaviors. Psychographic data points include opinions, attitudes, and ...


Advertising; Online advertising

A process where by sound and/or video is broadcast online. The process can deliver live or prerecorded information. Often advertisements are inserted at the beginning of the ...

click through

Advertising; Online advertising

The action of clicking on a banner and having ones browser automatically redirected to the web page a banner is hyperlinked to.

island position

Advertising; Online advertising

An ad embedded within editorial content, with no ads bordering it.


Advertising; Online advertising

The do's and don'ts of online advertising behavior. For example, typing in all CAPITALS is considered shouting and thus not good netiquette.


Advertising; Online advertising

Term used to describe the process of getting a web visitor to accept an offer or become a paying customer. Advertisers strive for high conversion ratios.

ad space

Advertising; Online advertising

An ad space is a space on a Web page that is reserved for ads. An ad space group is a group of spaces within a Web site that share the same characteristics so that an ad purchase ...