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The methods and act of calling something to the attention of the public especially through paid announcements. Also includes the business of preparing advertisements for publication or broadcast.

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incentivized click

Advertising; Online advertising

A click through inspired by an ad offering a reward. It’s worth noting that incentivized clicks can spike click-through rates without leading to an increase in actual sales.

click rate

Advertising; Online advertising

The click rate is the percentage of ad views that resulted in clickthroughs.


Advertising; Online advertising

Short for picture element (Pixel), a pixel is a measurement representing a single point in a graphic. Most ad units are measured in pixels such as the common 468 pixel x 60 pixel ...

unique visitors

Advertising; Online advertising

A term used to describe the total number of visitors to a site over a certain time period. The only way to accurately track this is to require each visitor to login with a unique ...

rich media

Advertising; Online advertising

Rich media is advertising that contains perceptual or interactive elements more elaborate than the usual banner ad. Today, the term is often used for banner ads with popup menus ...


Advertising; Online advertising

The process of planning, creating, buying and tracking an advertising project from start to finish.

insertion order

Advertising; Online advertising

An insertion order is a formal, printed order to run an ad campaign. Typically, the insertion order identifies the campaign name, the Web site receiving the order and the planner ...